Medov began operating in the salvage area in 2010, through the acquisition of Titan Salvage’s representation in Italy.

The assignment of the Costa Concordia’s wreck removal project to Consorzio Titan-Micoperi in 2012 led Medov to be at the forefront by supporting the “salvage team” throughout the emergency period in various stages of the salvage operations.

A special Medov’s staff team moved to the island of Giglio from early 2012 until the completion of the project (end 2014).

Through its offices network Medov, as a shipagent, handled all vessels involved in the project, as well as the shipyard logistics as a whole, and partially also the re-floating sponsons logistics and any other “special load”. In addition, Medov managed the Fleet Management activities for all the ships involved in the project in cooperation with Titan-Micoperi team.