Medov starts operating in the salvage sector through the acquisition of the representation of Titan Salvage for Italy in 2010.

The assignment of the Costa Concordia removal project to the Titan-Micoperi Consortium in 2012 led Medov to take the lead supporting the “salvage team” for the entire duration of the emergency in various areas of rescue operations.

A dedicated team of Medov personnel was transferred to Giglio Island from the beginning of 2012 and maintained there until the end of the project (end of 2014).

Through its network of offices, Medov has managed as Shipping Agency all the different type of vessels involved in the project as well as managing the logistics of the yard in its entirety and in part also the logistics of the caissons for the re-floating of the vessel and any other “special cargo”. Added to this is the management together with the Titan-Micoperi team of the Fleet Management activities for all the ships of the project. In addition , MEDOV together with Titan / Micoperi team run the activity of Fleet Management of all the vessels involved.

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Arrival of the Costa Concordia in Genoa
Refloating of the Costa Concordia
Rotation of the Costa Concordia