Port representation and consultants

Port representation

Since 2001 Medov has established a strong cooperation with Montreal Port Authority. As far as cargo is concerned, Medov is responsible for the port promotion in Europe. The activity is focused on shipping companies, freight forwarders, importers, exporters and political and maritime authorities. As far as cruises are concerned, the representation refers both to Europe and to USA, where Medov has an owned office (Miami). The activity as a whole is aimed not only at potential customers of the port, but also at current customers, assisting their daily requirements in relation to the Port of Montreal and the services it offers.

For any further information about the Port of Montreal, visit Montreal Port Authority’s website at www.port-montreal.com or contact us.


Medov offers consulting services to the most varied applicants – but mainly to shipping companies and port authorities – for the planning, construction and development of projects in the maritime sector.