Corporate Group

Either directly, or through Schenone family’s holding IL Investimenti S.r.l., Medov participates in constituting a particularly extensive corporate group, offering the widest range of services meant to cover the most varied needs of the world of shipping: from cruise to cargo, from brokerage to containers port handling, from intermodal transport to container warehousing, maintenance, repairing and loading/unloading, from ship-chandling to marinas’ management, up to tourist services offer.


Monaco Maritime is the brand through which Medov operates in France and in the Principality of Monaco. Under Genoa’s headquarter control, Medov manages operations activities of its offices located in Marseille and Monte Carlo. In the rest of France, Monaco Maritime works through a large network of sub-agencies following Medov’s operating model.

Blunavy is a Ro-Pax company which, introducing  a competitive service on the Piombino – Portoferraio route in 2010, improved the frequency and capacity of the service to and from Elba, thus becoming a point of reference for the services to and from Tuscany’s beautiful island.

AMG Chartering is specialized in brokerage services of handy ships (up to 50.000 deadweight tons).

Tirreno Noleggi provides port services to shipowners and has its core business in towage.


All Medov’s activities related to logistics have recently been concentrated in Medov Logistics, which has its headquarters in Genova and local own offices in Civitavecchia, Leghorn and Venice (Italy).

Medov Logistics operates wholly owned subsidiaries with offices and infrastructures in Miami (Florida), Singapore and Germany (Hamburg) and via local offices in New York and Santo Domingo.

Med Supplies provides its customers with ship chandling services. From its Civitavecchia headquarter, Med Supplies guarantees a wide variety of Italian and International brands of food, beverages and personal care products, as well as mass-consumption products.

Logtainer is one of the main Italian intermodal operators and provides rail and road transport between ports and all Italian internal destinations. Logtainer has its head office in Genoa, offices and terminals located across the Italian strategic points for container traffic (Milan, Padova, Rubiera, Bologna).

Derrick manages five inland container terminals nearby the ports of Genoa and Leghorn. Besides, Derrick manages an inland terminal in Limito di Pioltello, 15 kilometres from Milan.

South European Container Hub (SECH) is the second most important container terminal of the port of Genoa. The private management of the terminal started in 1993 as a result of the privatization process of the Port of Genova.

Voltri Terminal Europa (VTE) is the second most important container terminal of the port of Genoa. The private management of the terminal started in 1993 as a result of the privatization process of the Port of Genova.

Vecon is one of the two container terminals of the Port of Venice and is part of the worldwide container terminal network controlled by the Port Authority of Singapore (PSA).

Terminal Darsena Toscana (TDT) is the main container terminal of the Port of Leghorn. It is an important gateway both for Northern and Central Italy.


Customs Marine is Medov’s customs “arm”, operating in all Italian ports.

Exclusive tourist services

Seatrain, together with Medov (which markets its exclusive services), operates the Roma Express, a comfortable, fast and luxury private train which directly connects the Italian port of Civitavecchia to the heart of the Eternal City (St. Peter’s railway station, 800 metres from the Vatican).

Port Services (Portofino)

Marina di Portofino is right next to the most popular square in the world and offers 14 mooring places for pleasure boats and super-yachts, all with water and electricity links, as well as 2 places for mega-yachts in Cannone Bay.